Let's get you in the industry. The MyDream Studio curriculum consists of developing your skill level and professional package. The formula gets you to working on camera in a matter of weeks and launching your name into the IMDB database with reputable performances attached. We begin with the basics. The technical and creative aspects of acting in film, with methods deriving from the Meisner Technique, and the 7 steps of Stanislavski (method acting). We record our performances and develop our first film production after the first 6 sessions. (Class duration is 3 hours).

What's the use of training if you're not working?...At MyDream Studio we move aggressively to showing the public audience your talent level. Students will develop content and get paid for it. The most serious of our group will transition into mainstream productions and pursue representation with the industry's elite agencies. The studio does not guarantee you an agent. But you will leave the 12 week session with a demo reel of your performance, Headshots (for those interested), and a resumé which highlights your skills, strengths, and capabilities.


Your headshot is your selling card. It will reach most casting directors before your physical presence. And in every case it will aid in determining if you give the audition, meeting, and in some cases "the gig". MyDream Studio is offering professional headshots for your casting quest. 

ENROLLMENT (payment plans available)

The investment ties directly into your future, your passion, your career. The Studio is accepting adults all ages, and children age 7-13 yrs (Saturdays-CHILDREN CLASSES BEGIN JANUARY 14TH, 2023). Located at Studio 62 Chicago-South. Adult enrollment is priced at $600.00 (Six hundred). Children enrollment is priced at $500.00 (Five hundred). Half of the enrollment cost (50%) is required at registration. (Flexible payment plans are also available). Remaining balance is due after week 6. Your first film production is scheduled for development after week 6 as well. In which you are also compensated for after production is complete and streamed. If you are interested in professional headshots an additional fee is required after week 11. NEXT CLASS ORIENTATION BEGIN DECEMBER 3RD, 2022. You may also contact with any questions, directions, or concerns. 



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All classes and film productions at MyDream Studio are instructed by Marcus Carothers. His professional career spans over decades while working alongside Eddie Murphy, Oprah, the late Sammy Davis Jr. and countless other industry professionals. His recent catalog consists of the City of Vultures trilogy on Amazon Prime, Comcast/Xfinity (On Demand), and AppleTV. "LADY" (feature film) to be released to mainstream platforms December 2022. And many more urban titles set to be released in 2023. The Dream Studio formula is to train talent to be showcased in his upcoming endeavors. And prepare new faces for future opportunities in mainstream film & media.