City of Vultures 2 picks up as a brash of murders engulfs the Chicago streets. Richard Steele (Marcus Carothers), commonly known as “G”, positions himself as the centerpiece of criminal activity on the city’s Southside. 

Once considered an outstanding member to his ‘Gangster Disciple street organization. G, rejects its positive direction of community reform to ignite a string of unsolved kidnapping homicides, with his own residence as the headquarters. His 6 year old son “Maliq” (Harper Anthony), serves as his only call to sanity as law enforcement inch closer to connecting him to multiple acts of violence. Accompanied by a crew of career criminals, an attempt to hijack a massive heroine operation leads to a breach on his family’s safety. 

"City of Vultures 2 is inspired by true events, particularly those stemming from a dark culture of crime plaguing the streets of Chicago", said Carothers. "Major media outlets have tried to learn and diagnose what's behind Chicago’s heightened murder rate for decades, and with the City of Vultures films, I try to present inside stories from those that have yet to escape that way of life." 

City of Vultures 2 is a sequel to 2016's smash hit City of Vultures, which followed newly paroled Short, who is trying to get his life straight. But in a city where murder and crime happen daily, his will is tested by the temptations and influences of the hood. Soon, his new life becomes a fight for survival. 

"As the writer and director, it was important to me to display the most authentic form of a felon's lifestyle in one of the most dangerous communities in America, and how the fear of individuals like G leads to ongoing heinous acts", said Carothers. 

"Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to release the follow up to City of Vultures from director Marcus Carothers" said Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures. "Mr. Carothers has become a master of the urban crime genre - capturing the perfect amount of action, drama, and just the right amount of heart to make this series unforgettable." 

City of Vultures 2 will be released February 1 on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Vimeo, and through local cable & satellite providers. City of Vultures is currently available on Tubi.